The Humility To Listen – Naso 5777

The Piaseczno Rebbe says that inside each and every one of us is a child.  Our inner child is so often screaming to be let out, to be heard, to be listened to.  Unfortunately, we are accustomed to overpowering her screams with external noise and physical distraction.  

Just as God created us with inner children, so too He formulated the Mishkan.  The Torah tells us that God speaks to us, “from between the Cruvim” (Shemot 25:22).  It makes perfect sense, that the Rabbi’s  in the gemara understand the Cruvim to have the faces of children.  As if to say, God speaks to us through the voice of our inner child.

Therefore, if we want to hear the voice of God, we must first take the time to stop and listen to our inner child.  In order to give full voice to her testimony, we must place our snap judgements aside and pull back the cover of distractions that muddle her cries.  Only then can we hope to catch a hint of what she is telling us.

And so it is how Moses would speak with God.  “Moses would go into the Tent of Meeting to speak with Him and he would hear the voice speak to him from above the cover which is on the Arc of the Testimony from between the two Cruvim: thus He spoke to him” (Bemidbar 7:89).  

I bless us all to pull back our covers, listen to the testimony, and embrace the voice of our inner child – dancing, singing, and living a life of stories.

Should the task ever feel too big, we should look to the children of the world.  In the treasures of their tiny hands and the light of their giant open eyes can be found the truth that lives in the heart of all things – for their entire world is a story; everything they utter, a song.

Shabbat Shalom


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